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About Us

Catherine Nicholson

I have always loved fashion and design. Accessories are the spice of life! I worked for a major jewelry company for several years, and I discovered my love for creating as I found myself redesigning my favorite items, taking them apart and tinkering with the pieces to make something new.

After months of being home during the pandemic, I thought I’d try making a pair of luxury brand button earrings for myself as a fun project. I spent a good amount of time developing the best technique to cut, fill, and make the earrings look and feel just right. I started to share my hobby with friends and neighbors, and I was blown away by the flood of interest in my little pieces of up-cycled luxury!

I started Properly Buttoned because I believe all women deserve a little sprinkle of glam in their lives. I love creating using a variety of materials, including fragments from other pieces of vintage jewelry to make truly unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for my favorite customer-YOU!

When I’m not creating jewelry, I’m a wife and mom spending time with my family, checking out the food scene in Richmond, Virginia, traveling anytime I can fit it into my schedule, and I’m always shopping for the perfect dress to wear with my Properly Buttoned accessories.

Thank you so much for supporting my small business!