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Jewelry Care

You can prolong the life of your Properly Buttoned pieces by following our care recommendations.

Do not get jewelry wet

Water can contain chlorine, salts, or harsh chemicals that will induce tarnish and dull the shine. 

Put on jewelry after you have used personal grooming products

Please avoid contact with perfumes, lotions or hair products as they contain chemicals and oils that can increase the wear on your pieces. Every person’s unique skin oils react differently to certain metals and plating. We are not responsible for your skin's reaction to our products. Gold plated jewelry will turn naturally over time. 

Do not use cleaning products on jewelry

Do not use harsh chemicals, bleach or oil on jewelry. This can affect the finishing.

Sterling Silver Ear Stick

Sterling silver posts are softer than stainless steel or brass. If your posts are sterling silver, they can bend if backings are harshly forced.

Store jewelry in a cool, dry place to promote longevity